Pedigrees * Performance * Practicality

McCracken Charolais Cows

Our females have pedigrees to provide functional traits that will work for you and provide more pounds for profit. Longevity in our mamma cows’ genetics are seen through structural soundness, including feet and legs. Outstanding udder and teat quality that compliments frames with performance fleshing qualities while keeping ¬†feminine eye appeal and fertility at the top of the list.

McCracken Charolais Improving Genetics Across the Nation.

A big thank you to Double-H Charolais for purchasing SM Ms Smokster Y150 P. We are so excited to see her future prodigies.

Females For Sale

Looking to add to your current herd or just getting started? McCracken Charolais has a great selection of females with all the right traits. Give us a call or stop by!